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Wireclub is a place where you can get together with other people online and chat, share photos, blog, make friends, find old acquaintances and socialize. It has many interesting and useful features is able to bring you fun online that including:

  • Blog. You can post a net entry and upload an image. And each post has the submit buttons of the popular social networks digg.com and stumbleupon.com. In short, it has almost all the basic functions of a blog.
  • Friend. Building your friend network with the Friend Finder. or invite your friends to join!
  • Clubs bring together groups of people with similar interests. Find new friends and discuss common interests. Choose a category and browse clubs, or create your own club. Clubs are organized into categories, you can create a club in any category you want. You can join any club you want and chat with the members there in the built-in club chat room. If you want to chat with people you don’t need to join a club, just visit the chat room.
  • Advanced members search. You can search used name, age between, country, gender, or even eye and hair color etc.
  • All Countries. The page shows all the countries that WireClub members are from.
  • Videos. You can watch video and rate it!
  • Rate Photos. I love this feature that let me stay a longer period of time. You can browse under the user-generated photos and ratings, I like to enjoy those faces from different countries.
  • Free Chat Rooms allows you talk about a person or everybody.You can talk with type text or used video equipment and micphone and allow the switch between multiple Chat Rooms.


  • 博客。你可以张贴净入学,并上传一个图像。和每一个职位有提交按钮一项十分受欢迎的社交网络digg.com和stumbleupon.com 。总之,它已几乎所有的基本功能,一个博客。
  • 朋友。建设你的朋友网络与朋友查找。或是邀请你的朋友加入!
  • 俱乐部汇集群体的人具有相似的利益。寻找新的朋友,并讨论共同利益。选择一个类别,并浏览俱乐部,或创建自己的俱乐部。俱乐部组织成类,你可以创建一个俱乐部在任何您希望的分类。你可以加入任何俱乐部想要和聊天与委员们有内置式俱乐部聊天室。如果你想聊天的人你不需要加入一个俱乐部,刚刚访问聊天室。
  • 高级成员搜索。你可以搜寻使用成员的姓名,年龄,国别,性别,甚至眼睛和头发的颜色等。
  • 所有国家。该页面会显示所有国家的Wireclub成员。
  • 视频。你可以看视频,并给它打分!
  • 照片评级。我爱这个功能,让我多逗留一段较长的时间。你可以浏览根据用户生成的照片并进行评级,我喜欢那些面临来自不同的国家的脸孔。
  • 免费聊天室让您谈论某人或某everybody.you可以谈同类型文本或用录影设备和micphone并允许之间切换多个聊天室。

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