Stumpedia: The Human Powered Social Search Engine is a human powered social search engine. It takes a democratic approach to indexing and organizing the web, relying on its community members—the people, not bots —to provide relevance and ranking. It’s not influenced by commercial nor vested interests, and it’s free of proprietary algorithms.

“Users will have complete control over all the data”, says Stumpedia CEO Luis Pereira. He added, “The black box mentality of industry leaders in the search space must be broken. We want to establish a truly democratic process where everyone has a say and their input on search results and features matter.” Their purpose is to everybody share knowledge and interests with the world and help people search and surf the web.

How it works: sign up and submit a keyword, adding related URLs (bookmarks, social sites, blogs, etc. Usually, Stumpedia will automatically grab the title and description, of course, you can also change their own and if a keyword is previously submitted for related URLs, you will not be able to submit, which means avoiding the duplication of senseless results.

The Stumpedia community then votes on the sites, determining relevance. Every submitted site details when it was submitted, by whom, and associated keywords. There’s a forum for newcomers to get acquainted with the concept and ask questions. On the homepage, you’ll find a list of the most recent activity, displaying the latest search terms to be submitted.


“用户将完全掌控所有资料” ,Stumpedia首席执行官路易斯佩雷拉说说, “我们要建立一个真正民主的过程,每个人都有发言权,并听取他们对搜索结果和特征的意见” ,其目的是要大家分享他们的知识和利益,创造符合世界和帮助人们搜索和网上冲浪的真正的社会搜索引擎。

它是如何运作的:注册,并提交关键字,并补充相关的URL (书签,社区网站,博客等,一般情况下, stumpedia将自动抓取标题和描述,当然,你也可以修改成自己想要的,如果一个关键词之前已经提交了相关的URL ,你将无法提交,这样也就避免了重复无意义的搜索结果。而每个社区成员可以对搜索结果进行投票评级,借此排序和提供相关性。在首页,你会发现一个类似DIGG的最新活动,最新24小时等的列表。使用了Ajax效果的实时刷新,几乎每秒刷新一次。


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