Rifflet: Free proto-songs for remixes

Rifflet is a new website that pushes musicians to post their unfinished song – a unique melody, bass line, guitar riff, drum beat, etc. – for the rest of the Rifflet community to hear, build upon, and recontextualize. Share your rifflets and combine them with others, or even upload a finished song.

Here’s the catch: every rifflet must be less than 60 seconds. The idea is to only upload a part of a song, or an idea for a song, or just a couple of guitar chords you think are cool. Then, you can download parts of other people songs (like a drumbeat) that you can combine with your ideas.

If you’re a dj, you can use all these great pieces of proto-songs for remixes without worrying about royalties or copyright restrictions, because these sounds are all on this site for the purpose of being remixed.

“Rifflet: Free proto-songs for remixes”的3个回复

  1. 为什么现在大部分帖子都是英文的,是不是直接从别的网站拷过来,连翻译都懒得翻译一下了。觉得这里的质量呈下降趋势。。。


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