Facebook-liked Niche Site for foodies

I do not like to cook, but I like to enjoy the food. How I do? Employed a nanny? Oh, no, I already have a wife. I will recommend recently discovered a gourmet Web site to my wife, but also for you. is the ultimate tool for foodies. it is facebook-like site but positioning in the niche- Food! Users can submit their recipes to and nutritional information is generated by the site. The accuracy of this information may not always be precisely accurate, but I think it would be a great guide when you are looking for new recipes to fit into your life.

If you are looking for unhealthy food, try the recipe that someone came up with when they tried to replicate their favorite rib recipe from a restaurant that closed in Hawaii. One serving has 104% of your daily recommended sodium and 84% of the fat that you should have in a day. There are recipes with goat cheese and dates that are a lot healthier. The rating system will help you to find the perfect dish there.

I believe you will not be disappointed. Go to Now! Call in your stomach:)

我不喜欢做饭,但是我喜欢享受食物。 如何做呢?聘请保姆?哦,不,我已经有一个妻子。我会推荐最近发现一个美食网站给她,而且也给你。foodconnect.com是是一个在线美食网站,类似于Facebook,但定位在有食物的细分市场!用户可以提交自己的食谱到,并进行留言,评论和交流等。



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