FlirtVibes: Free Online Dating Site

FlirtVibes is a totally free online dating service. While most online dating sites charge a monthly fee FlirtVibes is one hundred percent free and never charges you a dime. Oh, We love free.

FlirtVibes design is not enough web 2.0 style, but it has a fresh page and the great navigation system. Whether you are a novice or veteran. You can use and enjoy it quickly.

After the success of the registration, you will begin your dating journey, and have a blog. More than that, there services very rich, including :

  • Message Inbox. All the messages you received from other WireClub members will be kept here for 90 days.
  • Advanced members search. You can search used name, age between, country, gender, or even eye and hair color etc.
  • All Countries. The page shows all the countries that WireClub members are from.
  • Videos. You can watch video and rate it!
  • Rate Photos. I love this feature that let me stay a longer period of time. You can browse under the user-generated photos and ratings, I like to enjoy those faces from different countries.
  • and more…  Join Now!


Flirtvibes的网页设计并不中足够的Web 2.0风格,但它已经有了一个清新的页面和良好的航系统。不论你是新手还是老将,你都可以很快学好会使用它。


  • 留言收件箱。所有的信息将会保持在收件箱里90天。
  • 高级的成员搜索。你可以使用姓名,年龄,国别,性别,甚至眼睛和头发的颜色等进行高级搜索。
  • 所有国家。该页面会显示所有国家wireclub成员来自。
  • 包含一个视频区,你可以观看视频并进行评级。
  • 照片评级。我喜欢这个功能,它让我多逗留一段较长的时间。你可以浏览用户生成的照片,我喜欢看那些来自不同的国家的用户。
  • 和更多… …


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