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I love FLASH, even though I was majoring in graphic design and HTML web design. I will not use FLASH, but as a design enthusiast, I can not refuse FLASH brought about by the dazzling effect. So, you see a lot of FLASH Tools and resources in my blog. Whether you are a designer or developer, you can not miss this site – flashloaded.com.

Flashloaded is dedicated to one overall goal – to provide you with the most innovative, cost-effective Flash extensions and Flash components for Adobe/Macromedia Flash. Here, you can find almost all you need FLASH resources, including Flash movies, Flash website Templates, Flash Gallery, Flash CMS, 3D interactive interfaces, there are the basic elements of FLASH material, such as fonts, sound, video loops etc. Best of all, there are many of them are free, you can re-design, re-development based on the agreement.

In addition, Flashloaded provide RSS feeds, you can subscribe it for get abreast of the latest FLASH components resources. I sincerely commend to you, I believe it will not let you disappointed.

我 爱FLASH,即使我个人是主修平面设计和HTML网页设计。我不会使用Flash ,但作为一个设计爱好者,我不能拒绝的Flash所带来的令人眼花缭乱的效果。所以,你会看到很多Flash的工具和资源在我的博客。不论你是设计师或开发商, 你不能错过这个网站- flashloaded.com。

Flashloaded是专门为你提供最具创新性和成本效益的Flash扩展和Flash组件 包括Adobe和MacromediaF lash的。这里,你可以找到几乎所有你需要的Flash资源,包括Flash动画, Flash网站模板,Flash画廊,Flash CMS, 3D交互式接口,以及Flash的一些基本要素,如字体,声音,视频和视频循环。最重要的是,它们当中的很多都 是免费的,你可以基于协议重新设计,重新开发。

另外,Flashloaded提供RSS Feeds功能,你可以通过订阅获取最新的Flash资源. 现在就去Flashloaded, 获取最多的Flash信息.


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