Donate your car and be a Car Angel

The world should have been aware of China’s earthquake occurred in May 12. This is a very serious disaster, we feel sad to leave each person. But we also feel happiness and warmth, donations and prayers from all over the world. Charitable causes to people regardless of race, color and geography, the world is a village, and we are all children, and we are all angels. Now, I will tell you another place where you can donate your car and make it really meaningful. is a non-profit organization, when you donate car to Car Angel, you can help teen mothers, single moms, orphans, adults in rehab, and so many others who need a hand. And you can get an IRS tax deduction for the vehicle ( car, boat, or trailer) while you avoid the hassle of selling a used car. It’s so easy as Car Angel Ministries will arrange for pick up of the vehicle – all you have to do is call 1-800-227-2643. You’ll feel great about making a donation to a place that really helps make a difference. (And the tax deduction ain’t bad either.)

They have been accepting car donations and other donations and use it to create free DVDs for kids and anti-drug movies for teens. They have given away 2.4 million videos already to kids and teens. You know, these videos will help kids learned valuable lessons through the adventures of Donkey Ollie.

Not only do you get to write off the charitable donation when it come time to do your taxes, but you will also know that your old car is being used for a good cause or either the proceeds of your old car’s sale will go to deserving charities. This time, You are God’s children, you are an angel.

So, If you have something to give, don’t forget to remember Car Angel.

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