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In the news that show that the rich man is getting even more rich and the poor is getting neglected even through they need to come up in life. There are also a few organizations that work to bring these people up in the society but the only thing that they lack is your support and help. You can help by making simple contributions.

Infact, there are many society problem that can break next generation morality. The real fact most even have been heared influence directly to every youth or may our person of family, sometimes call donate car, donate boat, or donate A house to charity. These can be an easy problem case if we talk and give more strengt each other as a charity help solution.

If you are my old readers, you should remember that and Angel Ministries is the root of and

The charity of car donations was given to many unlucky person such as single mothers, orphans, homeless, teen and adult rehab and also prison reform. There are many real shape charity activity that have helped more expected youth and the person solving their society problem. Part of carangel activity are releasing the donkey ollie series as the best lesson program via media educates and help children to make right decisions before can be influenced by other non education media.

The other program are D. O. P. E. (Deat or Prison Eventually) is an anti drug documentary will help many youth makes their final decision to stop drugs and alcohol consumption and create the better useful activity with other youth.

The team of carangel also have helped more over 5000 homeless and addicted men, women and families, prisoner to get their better live, children’s DVD’s, Anti Drug movies and prison literature breal all the problem intensively.

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  2. @handan
    感谢你的订阅. 可更新快是必须的! 必须的!
    建议你采用标题式阅读, 感兴趣的就看, 不感兴趣的就跳过, 没必要把自己弄成”信息回收站”.

  3. 可为什么是必须的呀?而且还是两个必须的呀?


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