Black Diamonds, Blue Diamonds, Daiamonds, Daiamonds…

Do you like diamonds? OK, I admit that this problem somewhat foolish. Well, I change, the colour of the diamond is your favorite?

Let me first to explore some of the personal views color diamonds, in your comments before.

Red is a powerful color is warm and impulsive colors. Red Diamond is full of vitality and passion, or even to flaunt, which is why you see so many people driving the red Ferrari reason, it has always attracted attention.

Blue is a broad color. Sky and the sea with the scenery of the vast azure alive, regardless of dark blue or light blue, Lenovo will enable us to the vast flow of the universe or the atmosphere, therefore, blue is a symbol of eternity . Blue Diamonds reminiscent of the noble, calm and Guao, but it does not represent the feelings of indifference, it only represents a calm, rational and clean it.

Black Diamonds? Representatives of the mysterious black diamonds! All the people from that day are born with curiosity and desire to snoop, mysterious things always people to live. You see black diamond rings, like a black hole in the waiting for you to enter.

Now, to you. Diamond there are many colors you like the colour of the diamond? Red diamonds, blue diamonds, black diamonds, or other?







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