Carangel:Your love+Donate Car=Angel

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If not, I would be willing to introduce it for you, it is Carangel.

Simple, Carangel can be said to be a transit point for charity.You can donate a Car, Boat, Plane, House or RV! and receive a Tax Deduction while Avoiding Hassles that come from a Private Sale!

You can be the key that helps unlock the door of opportunity for someone today! As you partner with CarAngel Ministries you can choose the charity organization you want to benefit from your Car Donation. These donations help single mothers, orphans, homeless, teen and adult rehab, as well as prison reform.

In other words, Your love+ Donate Car= Angel.

Not only this, Carangle’s advantages for you:

  • Receive your IRS tax deduction for the automobile, RV, boat, plane, or trailer.
  • They do free vehicle pick-up, running or not! (restrictions apply).
  • Avoid the headaches of selling your Used Car — no expensive want ads, taking phone calls, showing the car, or price haggling.
  • They have the nations fastest online response form and up to the minute tax advice.
  • They are honest and integrous: we’ll handle title work and repair negotiations!

Car Angel Ministries creates Children’s DVDs, Anti-drug Movies & prison literatureso that the generation growing up will have the same values that have made America great.There motto is “help us help others.!” So, If you are not using that extra car, please donate it today!!!

Perhaps you are willing to spend a little time to see what they have produced some animation, you can see these Car Angel Ministries creates Children’s DVDs on Youtube. Watching the video, what do you think? First of all, I think of those lovely children, they really need care. And you, just do a little bit trivial, can become their guardian angel!

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而该服务机构将把你的捐赠应用到慈善组织中。帮助到单身母亲,无家可归者,青少年和从戒毒所出来的成人,以及为分配粮食给孤儿等。 如果要让我呼吁中国的个人去给国外的慈善机构做贡献,那恐怕也不实际。不过如果你是身居国外的华人,并且生活水平达到可以捐赠的前提。那建议你可以到Carangel献出你的一已之力。



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