BlogzonerMB Dragan创建的一个蛮酷的博客地图服务,基本Google Maps。

你可以放置你自己的博客到图上,然后分享图片到你的空间,添加好友,通过在线讯息程序和好友聊天,阅读你的好友的最新日志或其它更多的功能。按MB Dragan的说法,这样可以增加你博客的激情。


Blogzoner is a cool tool where you can socialize with bloggers from around the world as well as in your neighbourhood.

You can place yourself on the map, add pictures to your profile, add friends, chat via the internal messaging system, read your friends latest blog entries and many others. Soon you will be able to monetize your passion – blogging.


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